"mom, I love my mac"

"Ida has saved, saved and saved money for a laptop, and then she had money for a) a new pc, or b) a "second hand" macbook, she was SO close ordering a pc, but then she said, no, I wan´t a computer like yours, mom, ok I said, but remember, it is "used" by someone....hmmmmm....ok, but I take a mac! The mac arrived a couple of days ago and after 2 hrs she said: Mom, I looooove my mac.....look at this movie I made, take a look at this pictures, mom, mom, mom........

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Nancy sa...

love this layout with the sauare pictures! i've been wanting to do something like this after seeing an ad on the side of a truck a few weeks ago. that blue is gorgeous! glad she likes her macbook, i almost got one myself, but went with a pc, now i'm thinking i should have went mac. maybe next time!