My last blogpost - ever

Hi friends,

This is my last blogpost ever...on this blog.
I have moved!
Things are still pretty messy at my new site, but I am working on getting things in order :)
My new "home" is:

Please visit me at my new place - see you there :)



Random summer/autumn photos...


Today I got the sweetest mail from a girl called Jodi. That mail totally made my day.... thank you for being so kind and good luck with your photos ;)

Posting some summer- and autumn photos...before it is time for all those snowy pictures :)


I have a mushroom family...

...outside my window at work :) The autumn is definitely here, and so are all the mushrooms.
They like the rainy weather - and I don´t! But besides the rain, I like the autumn, the air is "clear and cool", it is amazingly beautiful outside now when the leaves are turning into orange, yellow and brown.... AND it is time to start using the stove, light some candles, sitting in the couch under a blanket.... have a great week everyone !


Free kit and waterpictures....

I made a minikit for you; Flipflopdays !

Download elements >>
Download papers >>

Last weeks challenge in our brand new photoassociation: water ! Ida and Theodor with friends where really creative, they went up on the roof with a bucket of water...and then you get the rest....


Random from our trip to beautiful Norway

Here are some pictures from our fishingtrip to Narvik and Senja in the beginning of August this year. Narvik and Senja is located in the northern parts of the beautiful country Norway. We will, for sure, return next year!
You can find more pictures from our trip on my Facebook in the album "Narvik" and "Senja"