In Africa, because Tarzan lives there !

These are my pages for the "Small talk" challenge over at Oscraps that Amanda and Shaui are hosting - you must join this - me and the kiddos had a really fun moment doing all these questions and answers..... here are a few of their answers.....

Me: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Theodor: In Africa, because Tarzan lives there !

Me: What do you wan´t to be when you grow up:
Theodor: A big brother..... or a h e r o (said with a "dreamy" look in his eyes)

Me: tell me something that you do every single day
Theodor: Nagging about taking a friend home after school...
Me: Tell me something that really annoys you
Ida: Theodor !!!

Me: Tell me something that helps you calm down when you are angry
Ida: An icecram (hahahahahahaha)

Me: Tell me somethnig that will ruin your day in a matter of seconds
Ida: When I watch a movie and you are shouting that the lunch or dinner is ready....

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Anonym sa...

I love those layouts! I love that he wants to live near tarzan! LOL.

I'll have to see how long this challenge is going on. I dont have a computer to create on. A new one is on the way, hopfully anyday. :)