Me - a midnight scrapbooker

"Tale of a midnight scrapbooker"

It's nine o'clock, the baby's in bed,
"Let's go also," my husband said.
"That sounds great!" in a hug we engage.
"Just give me 10 minutes, I'll finish a page!"
Thirty go by, my border's complete;
I layout my pictures so nice and so neat.
I add paper for color and a sticker or two.
How about a die cut, now that should do!
But then an idea pops into my head -
One more page, then off to bed!
I glance at the clock, it's 11:09!
This is it, I'll draw the line.
But my fingers keep cutting - the ideas are pouring;
From the back room, I can hear the snoring!
I look back at my work, I've done quite a bit.
It's midnight now - and time to quit.
I clean up my desk and turn off the light,
put my book on the shelf - 'til tomorrow night!
- Author unknown

All products is from Vinnie new kit called My Drama Queen. 

Good night everyone - talk tomorrow !

5 kommentarer:

Christelle sa...

Fantastic !!! Love this journaling ;-))

Jessica sa...

oh, my! Therese - I LOVE what you did with this!! the explosion of color and sweet butterflies out of the camera lens is brilliant!

Jessica sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Nancy sa...

girl, you got talent out the wazoo! this layout is incredible. LOVE that poem too. the story of our lives!

Suzanne sa...

LOL! That poem is soooo true! Where'd you get these poems, girl? They are all funny and yeah, true! LOL!

Happy Valentine's day to you!