De lovely - new kit from Paislee Press

Liz at PaisleePress has created De lovely - availible at Songbird Avenue. Proceeds from this kit will be donated to UNICEF, an organization committed to promoting the health and well-being of children world wide. Delovely will only be available for a limited time (until the end of this month!) so grab it while you can.

Since this kit is for charity, Liz won't be hosting a kit give-away contest. Instead, she will be raffling off a songbird ave tote bag (it's eco-friend and soo cute!!): Visit her blog
for more info !!

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pixiedust (Angela) sa...

thanks for telling us about this charity kit!!! :)

Shen sa...

I'm tagging you Therese!

List 6 uninteresting facts about yourself and tag 5 other people, and link back to me. See you soon!

Emilie sa...

gorgeous pages!!!
i've tagged you on my blog, it's a new game! :)