Fresh Powder by Leiko and swirls by Vinnie

Leiko Beck at Oscraps has made a new kit called "fresh powder"... really nice!

Vinnie Pearce at Catscrap are the "swirl master" - take a look at her Decorative grunge swirls !

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todido sa...

OMG these are wonderful pages!! you makes always amazing LO's:)

so I'm ok, thank for your question:) The Christmas is coming, I baking with my DD, it is sooo hard:):)
We were with my husband a little holiday in a hotel, just 2 days, but it was sooo good!
and what is with you? everything is ok? I have the QP from you!!! You are the best my friend!!!!!!!!!!

big HUGS!!!!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

superior sa...

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